Excuse me? It’s February now? It seems I’m falling into a pattern of one post a month so I guess it’s time to get writing.

I’m a lot less stressed than I was when I last posted, and this is because I have stopped trying to control things I can’t control. After a lengthy meeting at work with my shift manager, it seems that (at work at least), people cannot be made to wear masks or made to social distance. If they want to kill or make seriously ill their siblings, children, parents, grandparents, friends, colleagues, or anyone else they come into contact with, that’s absolutely fine as long as the parties breaking the rules together consent. The only right I have is to stop people encroaching my personal space. So there it is. I took it as far as I could and got nowhere so I have decided to let go of this feeling of total responsibility in my head. If anyone comes to close to me however, god help them!

All I can do is stay as safe as I can and screw everyone else.

It’s harder now than it has been since the beginning of Covid though, because I am OH SO CRAVING PHYSICAL INTIMACY. I’ve made huge progress as far as my relationships go over the last year or two, and I know full well I have no desire for romantic love. I am exactly enough exactly as I am, and unless they want to come help with the gardening I have no desire at all for a partner. I’m not without love though. I despise the Covid rule-breakers but I absolutely CHERISH the good people in my life right now. We don’t talk enough about the genuine love we feel for our friends in our society.

Still though, I’d dearly love to have some fun and snuggle a warm body, before kicking them out the door in the morning.

Because I care about people other than myself, even people I’ve never met (can you imagine? Many can’t) I won’t be meeting up with anyone outside my household, as much as I’d like to. Although this makes me sad, I’m also a bit in shock. I was feeling bummed last weekend, was able to sit back, listen to what my feelings were trying to tell me and figure out what was wrong. That was half the battle really. Gosh I do love a bit of healthy progress!

Maybe this is something other people do anyway? I wouldn’t know. For me this is MASSIVE.

So if I haven’t been intimate with anyone then why do I want to talk about babies? That’s because it’s all about the plant babies now!

I’ve been doing a bit of experimenting in my bedroom greenhouse. Some things I’ve seen others do, like starting off chillies, peppers and aubergines under grow lights. It seems to be widely known that this will actually work, and so far it appears to be going quite well. Since I have literally thousands of radish seeds, I decided to try sowing a few and see what would happen.

It was not a success. They got so ridiculously leggy that they could not support their own weight and fell over. They did make me giggle though. What were they actually trying to achieve?

My windowsill dahlias seem to be doing well (Dahlia Mignon, a freebie with my last Gardeners’ World mag) and the echinacea have started making an appearance too.

I have my first EVER germinated strawberries. I tried strawberries last year from a stocking-filler but the instructions were wrong and I didn’t know any better. I didn’t get any strawberry action whatsoever. Now, however…

I have other varieties to sow later on, so I’m very hopeful we will have actual strawberries this year. You really cannot beat a homegrown strawberry.

Other things doing well so far are onion, hollyhock, lemongrass, dolichos, rocket, lobelia and laurentia. That’s just my January sowing. These are all things that can be sowed in February:

It doesn’t end here, because my houseplant obsession has now reached an unstoppable momentum. I assumed for a long time that I simply couldn’t keep plants alive. The easiest things are supposed to be cacti and succulents right? You know, the plants that THRIVE on neglect? Well not for me. I just cannot keep them alive!

After trying ‘real’ plants and finding that, actually, I’m pretty good at looking after them, I decided to expand my collection.

Plant-buying can be expensive. I keep eyeing up a rare pilea right now which is £50, but your average plant babies are a good place to start.

These are my January payday purchases:

Here we have Chinese money plant, rose painted calathea, begonia maculata, tradescantia ‘nanouk’, string of hearts, another kind of calathea (the website didn’t say which), heartleaf philodendron and asparagus fern.

All of these were around the £5 mark and nearly all of them are supposed to be super easy to propagate. Baby plants means (one day) an inexpensive way to get healthy adults plants. But more importantly, LOTS OF THEM. I intend to make my room into a jungle.

For the garden I have started growing some parsnip tops. I have parsnip seeds for this year, but I’m also hoping to get these to flower because parsnip flowers are surprisingly lovely. They were only going in the compost bin anyhow. This one is two weeks old:

Also on the propagation front, I prepped these avocado stones in NOVEMBER and now they are finally showing some sort of life. Which is good because I’ve found it impossible to throw away an avocado stone since then and have several many, many more on the go.

Obsessed? Moi? I don’t know what you mean.

Hayley x

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