All the Ideas

I have found my happy place.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my childhood obsessions since I started making the frogs, and anything miniature was a huge passion of mine. I LOVED doll houses and accessories (although actual dolls, not so much) and even now tiddly things are just magical to me. As a kid, I started having dreams that a little cupboard I’d never noticed before appeared in the wall and inside was a collection of beautiful doll houses. It happens less frequently now, but even as I’m only a small number of days from hitting 40 years old, I still have those dreams. As an adult, I sometimes feel like I need justifications for certain passions, but since making the first frog I have abandoned that notion wholeheartedly.

It’s playtime!

Right now I am negotiating something of a balancing act, because I have SO MANY IDEAS and I’m excited about them ALL. The thing bringing me the most happiness right now is making things for people rather than selling them, and for the time being, I’m just running with that. I very much like surprising people but I also don’t want to be like ‘I’m not selling frogs yet so you can’t have one of mine’. My overthinking has kicked in somewhat! So if I know you, the chances are that I have something in the pipeline for you. That’s all I’m saying for now.

Once I have finished my gifted knits, which are on a bit of a limited timescale in order to be ready for birthdays and Christmas, then I’ll work on my little frog shop. Plus a thousand other little ideas I want to get started on. I bet you’re going to love it as much as me.

What I can tell you is that if I make you something, you can absolutely guarantee it’s getting a photo shoot before you get it.

Last week Newty and I went for a walk in the woods for the first time in forever.

It wasn’t just a walk though. We also did a little foraging. Last weekend I spent quite a long time knitting a pumpkin. This took longer than my frog knits because I learned a few new stitches and a new technique, but it was worth it. Once finished and combined with my foraged items, plus a frog for my work friend, this was the result. I’m rather proud if I do say so myself.

My friend chose the sweater colour combo in honour of it being spooky season, and I think it was an excellent choice. I’ll be making one for my own frog at some point.

I posted these shots on Instagram, and I was inundated with MORE suggestions from other people. Excellent suggestions at that. It’s safe to say that I have plenty to keep me occupied for the foreseeable future.

I am something of a spendaholic, but the funds I have been spending on impulse purchases have gone down considerably. Which is damn lucky considering the current financial climate (ugh, let’s not think about that!) I have been buying cheap knitting patterns (some have even been under 70p) and expanding my wool collection. Because miniature things need such a small amount of wool, it’s quite cost-effective.

Basically, I think I am the happiest I’ve ever been, and just in time for my birthday no less. I usually spend this time of year beating myself up for not doing enough or failing at this or that, but this year I’m nothing but happy with where I am and excited for what comes next.

Better late than never.

Hayley x

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