Knitted Frogs

Why knitted frogs?

Some time ago, my sister sent me an Instagram reel by a wonderful creative called India Rose Crawford. She makes the sweetest videos featuring an adorable little knitted frog. Well, I fell in love immediately, and I thought ‘wouldn’t it be the best surprise ever if I got one of these frogs for my sister?’ At the time I couldn’t find any for sale (I would have more luck these days, the knitted frogs are taking over the internet), but India provided details of where to get the froggy pattern. So I bought the pattern and learned to knit solely so I could surprise my sister with her very own frog.

Once I’d finished the first frog and gifted it to my sister, I uploaded some pictures onto Insta and then everyone wanted one. The rest is history.

Where you can get one

There are currently plenty for sale on Etsy from various sellers. I will occasionally have a few for sale, and when I do they will be listed in my shop which can be found here (link). For me, the ideal scenario is that you dive in and make your own! You can get the pattern from Etsy (link) and in my opinion, it is very reasonably priced. If you think you couldn’t possibly learn how to do it, my guess is that actually, you can. If you get the pattern and are a bit lost, then please email me at I want everyone to experience the joy of knitting these little creatures and if I can help you, I surely will!

I have added my own little tweaks to the pattern, which I will detail on this page very soon. That’s what I love about these frogs – from a standard pattern your imagination can just run wild. Check out the #imadethisfrog hashtag on Instagram and you will see what I mean.